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Pacific INDIE Manual

ISBN 978-0-9806760-1-3

Pacific INDIE Report

Peer Reviewed Papers

Conference presentations/Symposiums

  • Nothing about us, Without us: perspectives of people from the Pacific about inclusive education
    Presented at The Inclusive Education Summit -2016, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 8-10th July, 2016.
    Presenters: Jitoko, F., Merumeru, L., Ravulo, K., Saemene, G., Maelkota, G. & Sharma, U.
    Abstract (pdf)
  • Melbourne Social Equity Institute inaugural conference, symposium presentation (28th February, 2014). “Towards inclusive education in the Pacific – how can effective approaches be applied and measured?”
    Presenter: Ms. Beth Sprunt (Nossal-CBM)​.
  • “Developing and testing indicators for inclusive education in the Pacific: Nothing about us without us.” A symposium presented at Disability Studies in Education Conference hosted at Victoria University, Melbourne, 26th July, 2014.
    Presenters: Umesh Sharma, Joanne Deppeler (Monash University); Filipe Jitoko (Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat); Hasheem Mannan (Nosssal), Joanne Webber (CBM), Roger Slee (Victoria University)
  • Developing and testing indicators for inclusive education in the Pacific. A presentation made at Disability in Development: shaping policy and practice conference hosted by Australian Disability and Development Consortium, Canberra, 28-29 August, 2014. Presenters: Umesh Sharma (Monash University), Setareki Macanawa (Pacific Disability Forum), Beth Sprunt (Nossal-CBM).
  • Developing and testing indicators for inclusive education in the Pacific: Empowering, evidence based and effective.
    A seminar presented at Asia- Pacific Educational Researchers Conference (APERA), Hong Kong November, 2014, Presenters: Umesh Sharma, Joanne Deppeler (Monash University); Chris Forlin (Hong Kong-IED), Tim Loreman (CUCA, Canada).
  • Pacific Indicators for Disability Inclusive Education.
    A presentation made at Pacific Disability Research Symposium, February, 17th, 2015, Nadi Fiji.
    Presenters: Mr. Kitione Ravulo (Associate Investigator- Fiji), Ms. Savaira (Associate Investigator –Fiji), Mr. Setareki Macanawai (Pacific Disability Forum- Fiji), Mr. Lai Merumeru (Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS, Fiji), Umesh Sharma (Monash University).
  • Inclusive education and cultural (dis)connect in the Pacific Islands: Conclusions from a 3-year collection of studies.
    Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 28th to 3rd June, 2016.
    Presenters: Tim Loreman, Umesh Sharma, Filipe Jitoko and Setareki Macanawai.

Case Studies