SUNDAY   June 17

2.00pm Registration

3.00pm Conference Opening Lecture

Cardiovascular diseases and drugs: where are we with hiPSC models?

Christine Mummery (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands)

4.00pm  Short oral communications

Distinct microglial subtypes in Alzheimer's disease are induced by plaque phagocytosis.

Alexandra Grubman (Monash University)

Expression of TRP channels in human bone marrow-derived MSCs, stromal vascular fraction (SVF) progenitors and after differentiation into white or brown adipocytes

Anna Goralczyk (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

The Fight MND Drug Screening Program: Large-scale generation of patient derived iPS lines to identify candidate therapeutics for Motor Neuron Disease

Chris Bye (University of Melbourne)

Integrative molecular analyses reveal distinct reprogramming trajectories into states of naïve and primed human induced pluripotency?

(Ethan) Xiaodong Liu (Monash University)

Human CSF-1 is required for the survival of human iPSC-derived Erythro-myeloid progenitors and microglia in the mouse brain

Hayk Davtyan (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Interactions between endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes regulate human cardiac organoid functionality

Holly Voges (University of Queensland)

Human intestinal organoids as a model for intestinal failure and aberrant lipid metabolism in patients with DGAT1 deficiency

Jorik van Rijn (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Establishing novel enhanced differentiation protocols of human pluripotent stem cells into various cell lineages using the predictive computational framework, MOGRIFY

Joseph Chen (Monash University)

ASIC1a inhibition with novel spider venom peptide, Hi1a, for the treatment of cardiac ischemia-induced acidosis

Meredith Redd (University of Queensland)

Stem cell-derived human micro-lenses for lens toxicology and anti-cataract drug discovery

Michael O’Connor (Western Sydney University)

Bioengineered skeletal muscle for high-throughput functional screening

Richard Mills (University of Queensland)

Assessing the differentiation potential of human podocytes using NPHS2-GFP and NPHS1-GFP-iPSCs

Ricky Lau (Monash University)

6-8pm Networking event,  food and refreshments

MONDAY    June 18

9.00am  Cardiac models

iPSCs for cardiac disease modeling & drug discovery

Joseph Wu (Stanford University, CA, USA)


Human Engineered Cardiac Organoids for Screening Applications

James Hudson (University of Queensland, Australia)

10.00am Blood, Macrophages, microglial models

Computational platforms to define and predict cell behaviour

Christine Wells (University of Melbourne, Australia)

10.30am Morning refreshment break


hPSC-derived microglia-like cells as a tool in understanding and treating Alzheimer’s disease

Matt Blurton-Jones (University of California, Irvine, CA, USA)


Modelling leukaemia

Andrew Elefanty (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)

12.00pm Neural models

Directing neural differentiation for disease modelling and cell therapy

Lorenz Studer (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, USA)


Functional genomics approaches to human neurological diseases

Ernst Wolvetang (University of Queensland, Australia)

13.00pm Lunch


Using pluripotent stem cell models to study neuropsychiatric conditions

Carol Marchetto (Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA)


Modelling retinal diseases with patient induced pluripotent stem cells

Alice Pebay (University of Melbourne, Australia)

15.00pm Models for drug discovery

A platform of hPSC-derived cell culture models: challenges and opportunities

Eugenia Jones (Cellular Dynamics International, Madison, WI, USA)


The Phenomics Discovery Initiative (PDi): bringing disease-relevant biology from academia into the industrial drug discovery pipeline

Paul Andrews (National Phenotypic Screening Centre, Dundee, UK)

16:00pm Afternoon refreshments

16.30pm Panel Discussion (Q&A)

How can the potential of human stem cell-derived models be harnessed for drug discovery?

Chair: Colin Pouton

Panel: Christine Mummery, Lorenz Studer, Paul Andrews, Ricardo Dolmetsch, Chris Langmead, Daniel Hoyer

18.00pm     Close