Zaman Haroon

Zaman Haroon

Development services scientist
Catalent Australia
Graduate 2007

There's nothing better than walking through the supermarket and spotting a tablet or soft-gel formula that I’ve been involved in.

Two years after scoring a job at Catalent Australia, I'm an experienced formulation scientist and part of a great team. Working for a fast-paced contract manufacturer has provided me with a lot of experience in tablets, soft-gel formulations and, importantly, meeting deadlines.

One of the first products I formulated was a well known, orange-flavoured fibre, chewable tablet. Nothing could beat the awesome taste I came up with – though I'm probably biased.

This all resulted from my studies at Monash. Thinking back to the practical classes where I made tablets, creams, chocolates, jelly babies, shampoos and toothpaste showed me that there were endless formulations to discover.