Why study with us?

Courses that launch careers

We are pioneers in pharmacy education. Our pharmacy course is built on a foundation of experience, taught by highly skilled practitioners, constantly updated and includes creative virtual and real world experiences to equip you for modern practice.

Our pharmaceutical science degrees open doors, not only to drug companies and government regulators but to the chemical, mining, food and cosmetics industries.

We're leaders in providing practical postgraduate courses to hospital and community health professionals, seeking skills in wound care, clinical pharmacy or pharmacy practice.

Our research degrees put you in the frontline of the fight against cancer, superbugs, influenza and malaria, where our successes are world renowned.

Our courses incorporate industry-based training, hands on laboratory classes and innovative educational tools such as Pharmatopia, so you're thoroughly prepared for your brilliant career.

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Graduates who go places

Our world-renowned research graduates fill top positions at major global corporations. Dr Peter McLean, team leader at GlaxoSmithKline's Immuno-Inflammation Centre of Excellence in the UK, works on new gastrointestinal tract treatments. Dr Christine Perry, an ethnopharmacologist at the same company in Australia, helps regulators worldwide understand how ethnic differences influence disease profiles and drug effectiveness.

Our pharmacy graduates make a difference to their communities. Angelo Pricolo, a former Pharmaceutical Society of Australia pharmacist of the year, battles the stigma and myths around opiate replacement therapy. His 2009 documentary, Fighting the Dragon with Luck, follows six recovering drug users he treated at his Brunswick pharmacy.

Our pharmaceutical science graduates love challenges. Armed with a feast of career options, Amy VanDerPoel started out investigating fires and explosives and analysing illicit drugs as a Victoria Police forensic officer. Others like her fill specialist roles in quality assurance, compliance and sales for leading paint, mining services, food and drug companies.

Our postgraduates are compassionate carers. After completing our Master of Clinical Pharmacy, Karen Samuel pursued her interest in mental health care. She's now a senior psychiatry pharmacist at Alfred Health.

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