Dr Alisa Glukhova named L’Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Fellow

Dr Alisa Glukhova has received one of only four L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Fellowships. The fellowships are awarded to outstanding early career female scientists.

The Women in Science program was established to support and promote greater participation of women in science and technology areas. Each year, the program awards a small number of $25,000 year-long Fellowships to local scientists who are rising leaders and working tirelessly to further their research.

Alisa Glukhova

Dr Glukhova, a structural biologist, has received the 2019 Fellowship, a recognition of her continued work to understand how molecular behaviour and cell function could be harnessed to treat diseases at an earlier stage.

Dr Glukhova is a Research Fellow with the Drug Discovery Biology Theme at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and was also recently awarded the Monash University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher in Science and Technology.

Contact: Divya Krishnan


Email: divya.krishnan@monash.edu