Monash Malaysia and Monash Parkville: Partners in Pharmacy Education

Professor Arthur Christopoulos has made his first visit in his capacity as Dean to Monash University Malaysia (MUM), where he met with senior staff including Pro Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Andrew Walker, and Interim Head of the School of Pharmacy (SOP), Professor Gan Siew Hua.

Professor Christopoulos was joined by Deputy Dean and Associate Dean Education, Professor Paul White, and the Director of Pharmacy Education, Professor Tina Brock.

Over two days on 11 and 12 November, leadership of both campuses took part in a series of workshops and discussions designed to further enhance the relationship between pharmacy courses and research opportunities in the two countries.

One area of particular area of focus was a discussion on fine-tuning of design principles to ensure that graduates are equipped with the same high level of skills and knowledge regardless of which campus they study at, while also customising course material to reflect local context.

Professor Christopoulos praised the working relationship that has developed between the two campuses.

“Pharmacy staff at Malaysia and Parkville have worked incredibly hard over the last few years to develop and roll out our groundbreaking new pharmacy course. At the same time they’ve been teaching out the established degree and looking for new avenues for growth. This has only been possible by developing and intensely collaborative relationship at all levels, from senior leadership through to unit-co-ordinators,” Professor Christopoulos said.

“I’m particularly grateful for the insightful contributions of Profs. White, Brock, Walker and Gan, the exciting discussion with our MUM SOP staff, and extremely optimistic for the future of this partnership,” he said.