Leading Australian metabolic disease researcher wins Society of Endocrinology International Medal

Prominent metabolic disease researcher Professor Mark Febbraio, from the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), has been awarded the 2021 International Medal from the UK’s Society of Endocrinology.

Professor Febbraio, who is Head of the Cellular and Molecular Metabolism Laboratory within the Drug Discovery Program at MIPS, is widely recognised for leading ground-breaking research into the development of potential new treatments for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Mark Febbraio

The Society of Endocrinology awards the International Medal on an annual basis to an endocrinologist who is currently based in an institution outside the UK and has spent most of their working life outside the UK.

The award recognises highly significant contributions to the discipline and promotes international collaboration between endocrinologists.

Professor Febbraio said: “The Society for Endocrinology is a wonderful organisation committed to advancing scientific and clinical education and research in endocrinology for public benefit. To be selected as the winner of the International Medal is a great honour. To see my name in the company of so many outstanding previous winners is, indeed, humbling. I look forward to participating in the 2021 meeting”

Medal and award winners selected by the Society of Endocrinology are individuals who have helped significantly advance knowledge and clinical practice in the field of endocrinology, and in doing so have been recognised by their colleagues for their scientific excellence.

Director of MIPS, Professor Chris Porter said: “On behalf of MIPS I would like to congratulate Professor Febbraio for this achievement, which is a true testament to his dedication towards the development of novel strategies and therapies to treat a range of metabolic diseases.”

Metabolic disease is a key therapeutic focus area at MIPS.