Frequently asked questions

What you need to know now about applying as a graduate to pharmacy

I received my science, biomedicine, biomedical science or pharmaceutical science degree more than ten years ago. Is it still valid for entry?

As graduates entering this pathway will enter into the third year of the Bachelor of Pharmacy course, recency will apply up to 10 years. In addition, it is important that applicants have completed a bachelor degree with unit completions in chemistry, mathematics and physiology. Units in biochemistry and pharmacology are recommended but not required.  English requirements must be met either by completion of a degree where instruction is in English or with the appropriate English test.

What if I don't meet all the subject pre-requisites? 

If you don't meet the prerequisites through your completed studies, or are wondering how you can meet them, see below:

Higher level maths: It is recommended that you complete two mathematics units through the Faculty of Science.

Chemistry: It is recommended that you complete two chemistry units through the Faculty of Science.

Physiology: The physiology unit studied should have similar course structure and outcomes to one of the following Monash units. Note that the study of plant physiology will not meet the prerequisite.


If your Bachelor's degree was completed in English, you will have met the prerequisite. Otherwise, you can take an English test such as an IELTS, the required score is a Level A (Overall IELTS of 6.5 with no band less than 6) or equivalent.

I graduated with a credit average in my science, biomedicine, pharmaceutical science or biomedical science degree. Can I still be considered?

It's important to ensure that all students are working at a similar level therefore we are seeking graduates with a distinction or higher average, or equivalent for international applications.

What should I do if I miss out on an offer?

Consider completing an honours year as most of these are standalone courses and we can consider the average for entry into this pathway.

How do I find out for sure whether I'm eligible or not?

Apply. If you have read the eligibility requirements and think you meet them, the only way to find out for sure is to apply.

Are there study support mechanisms for people who meet the entry requirements but have not done formal study for some time?

There are a number of support services at the University and in addition the faculty will take into account mature age student requirements. However, note that work experience is not considered for entry purposes. Successful applicants will be expected to be comfortable with the self-directed learning required due to the accelerated pace of the summer school.

I’ve studied and completed a few degrees. Will I be eligible for more credit? 

We offer students 78 credit points of block credit after satisfying the requirements of the 12 credit point summer unit, Bridge to Practice. Note that the credit we offer must be for coursework studies. Some students who have completed masters by research or PhDs are not eligible for this pathway as a result.

I can't make the summer school bridging program. Will this transition program be offered at any other time during the year? 

No, there is only one intake into the graduate entry pathway, which is summer. Students enrolled into the summer unit must attend the entire duration of the unit including orientation (6 weeks in total).

If I get an offer, can I defer it to the following year?

Domestic offer holders will not have a offer deferral option and an additional application will need to be made in the following year. International offer holders can defer for up to 1 year and after that will need to re-apply again.

Is the summer school bridging program only offered face-to-face?

Time will be split between online and face-to-face contact, with the majority of learning hours offered online.

What textbooks are required for the summer school program?

Upon acceptance into the graduate pharmacy program, students should purchase the latest editions of the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook (APF) and the Australian Medicine Handbook (AMH).

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