Andrea Reupert


Andrea Reupert

Started working at Monash in 2014

Current position
Head of School – Educational Psychology and Counselling at Monash University

I have always wanted to be a psychologist. Way back in school I remember wanting to understand why people behave, feel and think like they do.

In my family, we also had our own experience of mental illness and I have seen how badly different mental health professionals managed that. This very personal experience made me determined to improve the way psychologists respond to both individuals and families.

Now, my research focuses on how families are supported when an individual experiences mental health challenges. Typically, no-one asks about the kids or how the individual is managing in their parenting role. But I am passionate about changing the mental health service to ensure children's voices are heard and acted on. And even though it may take time, I can see change.

For future psychologists, my advice is to aspire for blue sky research, look for great mentors, acknowledge wonderful colleagues and give back to others. Also, consider your personal motivations. To be a psychologist you need to be genuinely interested in others and have a reasonable amount of self awareness about your own strengths and what might get in the way of you working effectively with others.

“My favourite wellbeing activity is to garden and get my hands dirty. It’s probably one of the only times I totally switch off.”