David Opat


David Opat

Graduated from Monash in 1995

Current position
Vice Principal – Student Wellbeing at King David School

I’m really passionate about helping students become their best – socially and academically – as well as becoming great citizens.

I began my career as a Child and Educational Psychologist. I went into this field to improve the lives of children and, therefore, improve society as a whole. Since then I’ve worked with the Department of Education and in a few schools. For the last 23 years I’ve been at The King David School.

For me, building healthier communities is about helping students minimise the impact of the online world. I believe there is untold damage happening to students through the use of social media. I hope the work I do helps them build self-esteem, hope and resilience so they can be constructive members of society.

My biggest career highlight so far was having my student wellbeing program recognised as one of the best in the 2020 Australian Education Awards.

Personally, I would highly recommend being a psychologist because there is nothing more gratifying than helping people who are troubled and leading them on a path to a fulfilling and productive life.

David Opat
“My favourite thing is to be with my three labradors. Having three beings who love you unconditionally is very good for your soul and wellbeing.”