Cindy Hsiao


Cindy Hsiao

Graduated from Monash in 2019

Current position
Psychologist – Salesian College Chadstone, Solution Psychology, Catholic Care Victoria

I grew up in Singapore, and there wasn't a lot of mental health and learning support when I was at school. This has been my main motivation to work as a psychologist in schools.

It isn't always an easy job to support those who are struggling but it is definitely a rewarding career. I love seeing the difference I am making to the lives of children and young people.

I actually started working as a graduate psychologist during the pandemic — not an easy feat at all.

I met many of my clients and students online for the first time. Initially, we were all hesitant about doing therapy online. However, telehealth has been such a powerful tool to reach and connect with many of those in need who might not have previously been able to access support.

Looking forward, I also really want to help reduce the negative stigma society has around mental health and enable more people to talk about their personal struggles and mental health needs.”

Cindy Hsiao
“Sports has always been a huge part of my life since primary school. It helps me meet new people and keep myself physically fit.”