Eileen Scott Stokes


Eileen Scott Stokes

Graduated from Monash in 1998

1992 - 2023: worked as Program Manager – Psychology and Counselling, Faculty of Education at Monash University

I have always been fascinated by the diversity and uniqueness of individuals and the different ways people see and interact with the world.

As the youngest daughter of a family of strong determined women I slip naturally into a supportive rather than a leadership role. I find it extremely fulfilling and rewarding to be part of a team working with inspiring and dedicated academic and professional staff. It is also a privilege to play a part in so many students’ journeys to becoming registered psychologists.

Working in the field of psychology is rewarding in itself, but receiving my 25-year service medal was a wonderful highlight. Monash has enabled me to enjoy a wonderful and rewarding career, allowing me to grow and develop within my role over the years. It provided a flexible and supportive work environment as my family grew, encouraged and supported my studies and continues to support my professional development.

I can think of few careers more rewarding than a career in psychology or counselling. It’s a career that can grow with you across your lifespan, enabling you to contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and the communities you touch throughout your lifetime.

“For my own wellbeing my favourite pastime is to walk empty windswept beaches – the stormier the better. The grandeur and power of the natural environment puts things into perspective for me. A close second involves coffee!”