Carl Nelms


Carl Nelms

Graduated from Monash in 2017

Current position
Director and Psychologist at Blokes Psychology

Since I first studied psychology in year nine, I was hooked. I've always been fascinated by what makes people tick – and I enjoy helping people. I just didn't know I wanted to be a psychologist until years later.

Now I'm working as a psychologist, and I run my own business. This includes producing a podcast and regularly speaking to a range of audiences on men’s mental health.

It's always been my vision that by creating a service like Blokes Psychology, more men would feel comfortable enough to reach out and ultimately get the support they so desperately need.

We all know a bloke in our life who has struggled with mental health and probably should've sought professional support years ago, yet didn't. When we are able to support one individual then the impact is profound. Happier, balanced and emotionally aware men means a better society for all of us.

I still feel so privileged to support clients through significant and challenging times in their lives. To have a 'front row seat' to a client's journey of self-discovery, insight and progress regarding their mental health and wellbeing is truly incredible.

Carl Nelms
“Going for a walk with my pooch is a daily ritual I enjoy just as much as he does. No matter how busy, hectic or stressful a day has been, it's 30–40 minutes of my day where I'm able to just reflect on life, gather my thoughts, decompress, turn off all distractions and enjoy being out in nature.”