Hannah Yared


Hannah Yared

Currently studying at Monash

Current position
Psychologist and PhD Candidate

My presence as an Eritrean-Australian woman in psychology is imperative as there are very few psychologists from marginalised backgrounds, especially from the African diaspora.

It’s incredibly important for people of colour who are wanting to pursue a career in psychology to see there is space for us — because we have a unique perspective to offer. It’s just as important that clients see themselves represented too.

I wear many hats as a psychologist. I work in private practice with primary school-aged children and their families. I teach at Monash across education and counselling. I’m involved in research around racial literacy, racism and anti-racism within psychology and education.

I’m also currently finishing my PhD which explores race and racism in Australian schools.

I hope my lived experience as a Black woman in Australia can help other marginalised people heal from the impacts of racism and racial trauma. I also want to advocate for therapy rooms that are diverse and anti-oppressive to ensure they truly cater to everyone.

I’ve had workplaces ask me to present on anti-racism practices in mental health, which has been really exciting. I have also had media interest in my research that has led to radio, podcasts and print articles.

But I think my biggest career highlight is connecting with like-minded people which has led to collaborations, opportunities and great friendships.

Hannah Yared
“My dad is from Eritrea and coffee forms a big part of our culture. It’s how we connect with our community. This includes my family going for weekly coffee catch-ups at our favourite cafe and sitting outside where all the action is. I’m a very social person, so connecting with family and friends is my absolute favourite way to take care of my wellbeing.”