Raelene Dundon


Raelene Dundon

Graduated from Monash in 2006

Current position
Educational and Developmental Psychologist/Clinical Director at Okey Dokey Childhood Therapy

I’m passionate about supporting Neurodivergent children to understand and accept who they are – and to empower them to be themselves in a society that still has a long way to go in celebrating difference.

This came from starting my career working with children with developmental disabilities, and also wanting to find the best way to support my son to understand his Autism diagnosis.

Recently discovering my own Autistic identity has further fuelled my determination to advocate for the Neurodivergent community. We can support families to embrace their child's differences instead of trying to change them.

I’ve travelled to Edinburgh to present at the XI Autism-Europe International Congress on ‘Talking To Your Child About Their Diagnosis: A Journey of Discovery as a Parent and Psychologist’.

I shared my experience of supporting families, including my own. It was here I was approached by an editor from Jessica Kingsley Publishers about writing a book, and started my journey as an author.

Thinking back, my time at Monash was fairly tumultuous for me personally, but the staff supported me every step of the way. Even though it took me longer than most to complete the course, I was encouraged to keep going to the end.

Raelene Dundon
“For my wellbeing I like to walk. There’s a bush reserve near my home with a walking track, and I enjoy walking through the reserve and taking a moment to stop and watch the ducks in the creek. I also sometimes like to play 'Pokemon Go' while I walk.”