Mio Ihashi


Mio Ihashi

Graduated from Monash in 2004

Current position
Senior coordinator, Counselling and Mental Health Programs – Monash University

I arrived at Monash as an international student who didn’t know anyone. I learned from great academics and was supported by wonderful staff at the Faculty of Education.

At the end of my course, I decided to apply for permanent residency and build my career in psychology in Australia. And here I am, still at Monash, now as a staff member.

I lead a small group of psychologists who provide counselling and deliver mental health programs at Monash University.

My work involves individual counselling, delivering workshops and training, supervising provisional psychologists, and providing consultations on mental health issues.

One of my placements during my Masters was at a university counselling service and I enjoyed working with young people very much. I think it's a great client group to work with because you can potentially make a big difference in someone's life.

I deliver various mental health literacy programs including Mental Health First Aid. I do know that these programs change people's lives by reducing the stigma of mental illness and encouraging people to seek professional help early because participants tell me their stories!

The longer I have been a psychologist, the more I appreciate that at the end of the day, therapeutic relationships are the most important part of what we do

Mio Ihashi
“I became interested in the connection between mind and body so I studied to become a yoga teacher in 2019. I am also grateful for my dog Daisy, who got me through numerous lockdowns in Melbourne over the last 20 months. She gets me out of bed every morning and finds small beauties on our walks.”