Richard Burke

Dr Richard Burke

Senior Lecturer
Deputy Education Director 
Head, Ion Transport and Metabolism Research Group

T: +61 3 9905 9531

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Research Overview

The Burke Research group aims to improve our understanding of  animal metal ion regulation at the level of the cell, organ and whole body.  This research will provide insight into the pathogenesis of many metal homeostasis related conditions and pave the way for improved diagnoses and treatments.

Richard leads a research team that use Drosophilaas a model system in which to study the genetics of heavy metal metabolism in animals. Metals such as copper, zinc and iron are essential for the health of all animals, however, they become highly toxic when present in excess and animals must maintain tight control over metal levels in various organs.

Sophisticated genetic techniques in Drosophila allow the identification new genes controlling metal metabolism and enable the manipulation of known metal transport genes in specific cell types. The Burke group has also explored the use of high energy X-rays generated by the Australian Synchrotron to detect metal levels in biological samples, allowing the direct imaging of changes in metal distribution caused by genetic manipulation of copper and zinc transport genes.

Research Group

PhD Students

  • Christopher Richards
  • Stephen Mercer
  • Sebastian Judd-Mole