Matt Hall

Matt Hall

A/Professor Matt Hall

ARC Future Fellow
Head, Evolutionary Genetics Research Group

T: +61 3 9905 5793

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Research Overview

Matt's research group focuses on the evolution of host-pathogen interactions with a focus on the causes and consequences of variation in host susceptibility and pathogen virulence. Research projects centre on three key themes: i) sex differences and the evolution of infectious disease; ii) invasion biology and host-pathogen interactions; and, iii) the consequences of global change.

These projects make use of a variety of species of Daphnia, commonly known as the water-flea. They are small crustaceans that inhabit a range of freshwater habitats from coastal rock-pools to alpine lakes and are found throughout Australia and the rest of the world. The water-flea has been studied in the context of ecology, evolution and ecotoxicology for many years and is now an emerging model system for ecological genomics and the study of gene function in natural environments.

Research Group

Research Assistant

  • Lindsey Heffernan

PhD Students

  • Louise Solveig Nørgaard
  • Tobias Hector
  • Sean Layh
  • Lucinda Aulsebrook