Michael McDonald

Mike McDonald

Dr Michael McDonald

Head, Experimental Evolution Research Group
Research Director

T: +61 3 9905 1697
E: mike.mcdonald@monash.edu

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Research Group

Research Assistants

  • Ruzeen Patwa
  • Aysha Sezmis

PhD Students

  • Laura Woods
  • Jake Barber

Research Overview

Mike is interested in the genetics of adaptation. To study this question, his lab propagates populations of yeast (and other microbes) for 1000's of generations in a variety of laboratory environments. Microbes grow and divide very quickly, providing a means for directly observing evolution as it happens. The goal is to understand how organisms adapt to better fit their environment, asking what genes do adaptive mutations occur in, how do the mutations change the genetic program of the cell and ultimately, whether we can predict how organisms will respond to environmental change. Mikes lab employs methods such as high throughput robotic liquid handling, whole genome sequencing and molecular genetic techniques.