Paul Sunnucks


Paul Sunnucks


Ph.D. University of London

Telephone: +61 3 9905 9593
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Paul studied Zoology at Oxford University before undertaking a PhD at University College London under the supervision of RJ (Sam) Berry and David P Cowan.  Subsequently he was given the exciting opportunity to become a research associate in one of the world's first conservation genetics groups at the institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London, captained by Georgina M Mace and Robert K Wayne.  During the following few years, Paul learned genetics in ecology and conservation from the growing, excellent team including Michael W Bruford and Andrea C Taylor.

Having decided that marrying Australian Andrea Taylor was one of his better ideas, Paul did so and consequently migrated to Australia.

At Monash University, Paul built his research group, the Persistence and Adaptation Research Team, PART.

The research of PART is highly collaborative working with agencies responsible for wildlife and landscape management and other researchers.

A major focus is integrating evolutionary processes into conservation biology - how to maintain and restore resilient populations in their ecosystems.  This requires appropriately connected populations of large size, with maximal useful genetic diversity.  The background to that major topic is developed in a book due to be published in 2017:

Frankham R, Ballou JD, Ralls K, Eldridge MDB, Dudash MR, Fenster CB, Lacy RC, Sunnucks P Genetic Management of Fragmented Animal and Plant Populations. Oxford University Press.

Keywords: ecological management, connectivity, population persistence, habitat fragmentation, evolutionary adaptation, genomics, landscape genetics/genomics, populations, biodiversity conservation