Scientific Technical Service

Custom built scientific equipment, experimental apparatus and teaching aids;

  • Design and engineering support for specialised equipment and electronics
  • Design support for custom equipment enclosures, EM shields, guards, barriers and covers
  • Battery portable, wireless sensors and systems
  • Environmental control and monitoring systems
  • Visible and non-visible light stimulus and monitoring systems
  • Precision motion and positioning systems
  • Production of technical drawings, schematics, and documentation.

Equipment service, repair, and modification

  • Safety guarding and safety interlocking of equipment and systems
  • Modification of equipment to meet specialised research needs
  • Compliance evaluation and conversion solutions for imported equipment
  • Electrical test and tag of sensitive or critical equipment
  • Lock-out and isolation of critical equipment for servicing
  • Service and repair of unsupported, out of warranty, or obsolete equipment

Contact: Nino Benci
+61 3 990 53649