Christen Mirth

Research Group

Research Fellows

  • Dr Michelle Henstridge

PhD Students

  • Helen Rushby (co-supervised by A/Professor Matthew Piper and A/Professor Zane Andrews)
  • Hannah Morrow
  • Lea Combres
  • Bowen Slater

Research Overview

Projects in my group cover a broad range of topics: understanding how environmental factors affect body size and shape, determining how the organs of the body coordinate their growth and patterning, investigating how environmental factors affect foraging choice, and finally exploring the evolution of plasticity. We make use of differences in the ecologybetween species of Drosophila fruitflies to understand how plasticity in morphology and behaviour evolve, and thebroad range of genetic manipulations possible in Drosophila melanogaster to tackle the molecular underpinnings ofenvironmentally-induced effects on development and behaviour.