BIO3011 - Timetable of Topics 2020

19-MarIntroduction to hypothesis testing (MH)Introduction to R & RStudio (ST)
2a16-MarN/AQ & A Only
2b23-MarWhat is data and how do we wrangle it? (MH)Data wrangling in R (ST)
330-MarThe grammar of graphics (MH)Visualisation in R (ST)
46-AprHow to design an experiment (CS)Good Friday - No formal lab
Semester Break: Friday 10th to Friday 17th April
520-AprBiases and pitfalls in experimental design (CS)Experimental design (CS)
627-AprIntroduction to basic statistics (CJ)Data analysis I (CJ)
74-MayIntroduction to linear models (CJ)Data analysis II (CJ)
811-MayOverview of examinable material (CJ)Project work I (CJ)
918-MayWriting your report (CJ)Project work II (CJ)
1025-MayThe use of models in biology (TC)Modelling I (TC)
111-JunHow to build a model (TC)Modelling II (TC)
128-JunExam overview and practice (MH)Revision for Exams – No formal lab

Unit coordinator: Matthew Hall

Lecturers: Sonika Tyagi, Carla Sgrò, Chris Johnstone, and Tim Connallon

Workshops (Online-only via Zoom):

Wednesday 12pm - 1pm

Wednesday 3pm - 4pm

Practicals (Online-only via Zoom):

Friday 10 am – 1pm

Friday 2pm – 5pm

Due dates of Assignments:

Assignment 1: Data Wrangling & Visualisation: Due WEEK 5, 11:55pm Friday 24 April

Assignment 2: Experimental Design Problems: Due WEEK 7, 11:55pm Friday 8 May

Assignment 3: Project Report:                           Due WEEK 11, 11:55pm Friday 5 June

Assignment 4: Use of Models in Biology:           Due WEEK 12, 11:55pm Friday 12 June