Coastal Research Laboratory

The facilities in this lab enable coastal research into coastal geomorphology, carbon and nutrient fluxes, primary productivity, gas exchange, sediment transport, coastal and marine water quality and biogeography of coastal organisms. This lab complements the clean e-DNA laboratory facility.

Technical details

This laboratory is equipped with a freezer, refrigerators, a drying oven and water filtration equipment.

The lab also contains:

  • 2 profiling suspended sediment loggers (ARGUS-V)
  • 12 wave loggers (RBR Solo) for long term coastal deployment as well a number of additional pressure loggers
  • 4L Niskin bottle
  • Plankton net
  • Balances, desiccators, sieves, pH/salinity meters and basic lab glass and plastic wear.
  • A range of UAVs including RTK drones and airborne sensors (thermal, multispectral)
  • Electronics for data loggers (Raspberry Pi, Kestrels, soldering equipment)
  • A range of rectangular tanks for sensor calibration, equipment testing and teaching
  • Field gear for safe operations in marine and coastal environments and required hardware for erecting and measuring field experiments
  • 2 kayaks and paddles
  • LI-6400 LiCOR Photosynthesis system
  • CO2 sensors for glasshouse manipulations
  • Access to a boat for coastal water work

Contact us

For more information on this laboratory and its capabilities please contact:
9905 8309

Location: G76a, 9 Rainforest Walk Monash University, Clayton