Environmental & Analytical Chemistry

Environmental chemistry at Monash is broadly focussed on examining the behaviour of nutrients and contaminants (in particular pharmaceuticals and pesticides/herbicides) in the environment, with an emphasis on soils and aquatic ecosystems and detecting their effect on ecological processes. Factors affecting soil fertility are also a central theme.

Analytical chemistry emphasizes advances in chemical separation and electroanalytical chemistry. A main focus is on development of fundamental approaches to ultra-high resolution chemical separations with mass spectrometry, which impact petrochemical, clinical, food, environmental and natural products research.

This wide-ranging research is supported by excellent external collaborations including research institutions in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, and the Netherlands plus federal and state government departments in Australia. Industry connection is vital and includes water authorities, major instrument manufacturers and consulting companies.
Our world-class facilities (including the Monash Analytical Platform) underpin this research, including isotope ratio mass spectrometry and multidimensional chromatography-mass spectrometry.