Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis

While chemistry is the central science, synthesis is central to almost all aspects of chemistry, and at Monash feeds into most other research themes we explore. Our aspirations in this area are to develop novel, sustainable methods and reactions for the preparation of new functional molecules, and to elucidate the mechanisms by which these reactions operate.

Particular broad research foci of the synthesis research theme include developing new areas of homogeneous catalysis, preparing novel and functional materials, accessing new bio-active molecules, and purely curiosity-driven synthesis of molecules thought incapable of existence under ambient conditions.

More specific areas of focus include:

  • Catalysis and sustainable synthesis
  • Organic and natural products synthesis
  • Synthesis of bio-active compounds and drugs
  • Synthesis and applications of polymers
  • Synthesis of functional materials, e.g. metal organic frameworks and sensors
  • Synthesis of nano-particles
  • Synthesis and applications of novel main group compounds
  • Synthesis related to emerging sustainable energy technologies