About Mathematical Sciences

The School of Mathematics at Monash University is leading the way towards finding effective solutions to some of society's most pressing problems.  Maths is the language of science and forms the basis of most of modern science and engineering.  Our enthusiastic mathematicians love finding the true magic and beauty in maths and subsequently pass this passion on to their students.


Studying maths equips you with a range of valuable, unique skills. Some of the exciting areas mathematicians at Monash are working on include mathematical modelling to predict behaviour, analysis using pure maths, and stochastic processes involving risk, randomness and change.

Mathematics and statistics are also the two cornerstones for decision making and various quantitative activities in commerce, industry, education and defence. From direct and daily experience, most companies and organisations have realised that success depends critically on the level of analytical, quantitative and statistical skills of their workforce and they therefore seek employees with a sound mathematical training.

By studying mathematics at Monash, you will also develop general skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, modelling, learning, analysis, research and creativity, which can be used wherever your career may take you.


The School of Mathematics focuses on these main areas of research:

  • Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Stochastic Processes

You can find out more information on our Research page.

Mathematicians make it possible to harness and improve technology, explore space, shop online, bring animation to our screens, model climates, and solve complex logistic and traffic issues.

Where will Maths take you?

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