Carly Cook

Carly Cook

Research Overview

Carly's research group are focused on improving the use of scientific information in environmental decisions through a range of applied research questions and by developing decision-support tools. Her current research interests include:

  • understanding the types of evidence conservation managers use and why
  • evaluating and improving tools for evidence-based conservation, such as systematic reviews, management effectiveness evaluations and structured decision-making
  • developing cost-effective indicators for monitoring changes in ecosystem condition
  • understanding the consequences for management decisions when managers do not use scientific information
  • the use of expert opinion and local ecological knowledge
  • the development of management thresholds to guide decisions about when to intervene in managed ecosystems
  • identifying new and emerging threats to biodiversity

Research Group

Research Fellow

  • Dr Hayley Clements

PhD Students

  • Julie Groce
  • Stefanie Rog
  • Kelsey Roberts
  • Clara Heiligenberg