Craig White

Research Group

Research Fellows

  • Dr Candice Bywater

Research Assistants

  • Dr Pieter Arnold

PhD Students

  • Julian Beaman
  • Hugh Winwood-Smith
  • Amanda Petterson (Co-supervised)
  • Lukas Schuster (Co-supervised)
  • James Matcott (Co-supervised)
  • Aleksandra Kovacevic (Co-supervised)

Honours Students

Research Overview

Craig is an evolutionary physiologist interested in describing and understanding the causes and consequences of physiological variation in animals. His group studies a range of traits, with an emphasis on body size, metabolic rate, water loss, and breathing patterns, and employs a range of approaches including manipulative experiments, comparative studies, experimental evolution, and quantitative genetic analyses. His group work predominantly on insects, but have collected physiological data for over 60 species, including marine invertebrates, aquatic and terrestrial arthropods, and vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals).