Keyne Monro

Keyne Monro

Dr Keyne Monro

Head, Evolutionary Ecology Research Group
ARC Future Fellow

T: +61 3 9905 5608

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Research Group

Research Fellow

  • Dr Akane Uesugi

Research Assistant

  • Pieter Arnold

PhD Students

  • Evatt Chirgwin
  • Adriana Rebolledo
  • Hayley Cameron (primary supervisor Professor Dustin Marshall)

Research Overview

We work in the emerging, multidisciplinary field of marine evolutionary ecology, except when we work on plants. Our overarching goal is to understand and predict the evolutionary consequences of environmental change. For example:

  • How does environmental change affect natural selection on key life history traits?
  • How does environmental change affect the expression and structure of quantitative genetic variation?
  • How are the life histories of organisms shaped or constrained by the combined effects of these evolutionary forces?

We draw on the amazingly diverse life-histories of sessile marine invertebrates and seaweeds, and sometimes plants to answer such questions. We do so in nature wherever possible and with particular focus on ecological interactions as agents of selection.