Matt McGee

Dr Matt McGee

Dr Matt McGee

Head, Behavioural Studies Research Group

T:  +61 3 9905 9498

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Research Overview

My research utilizes experimental studies of behaviour in conjunction with modern genomic techniques to understand the phenotypic and genotypic dynamics of ecological speciation, evolutionary innovation, and convergent evolution in fish communities. I am particularly known for my use of high-speed video to measure suction feeding kinematics in fishes.

Genomic and functional basis of ecological speciation - One major goal of my research program is to understand the genomic architecture of ecological speciation via a combination of next-generation sequencing and functional morphology.

Ecological consequence of evolutionary innovation - I am also interested in examining evolutionary innovations, traits that give species access to previously unoccupied niches and may promote speciation and adaptive radiation. I am particularly interested in how evolutionary innovations affect modern community dynamics, particularly with regards to invasive species.

Dynamics of convergent evolution in fishes - Convergent evolution, in which populations produce similar phenotypes in response to similar selection pressure, is strong evidence for the role of natural selection in shaping biological diversity. My 2013 Evolution paper showed that convergent evolution may be an important and previously underappreciated source of morphological diversity.