Richard Reina

Richard Reina

Professor Richard Reina

Head, Ecophysiology and Conservation Research Group
Deputy Dean Education, Faculty of Science

T: +61 3 9905 5600

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    Research Overview

    Our research revolves around studying animal responses to challenges from their environments and from human activity to understand how they deal with different these stressors. Most of the work is on marine animals including sharks, rays, penguins and turtles, but we have also studied frogs, crocodiles, lizards and small marsupials. The purpose of this research is to apply our improved knowledge to the conservation and management of affected species and ecosystems. Research includes:

    • Reproductive biology and ecology of sea turtles and penguins
    • Marine conservation biology
    • Effects of secondary salinisation on physiology and ecology of native frogs
    • Interactions between sharks and commercial fisheries

    Research Group

    Research Fellow

    • Dr Juan Molina

    Research Assistant

    • Ross Holmberg

    PhD Students

    • Cathy Cavallo
    • Sean Williamson
    • Sonia Sanchez
    • Christopher Gatto
    • Franciscus Scheelings
    • Licia Finotto