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Ros Gleadow


Ph.D. University of Melbourne

Telephone: +61 3 9905 1667
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Ros Gleadow leads the Plant Ecophysiology & Cyanogenesis Groups and is co-ordinator of the core undergraduate science program at Monash University. She works on the effect of environmental variables such as drought and elevated carbon dioxide on the partitioning of resources between growth and defence (especially cyanide production) in plants.

This research has led to a series of projects that aim to reduce the amount of cyanide in the diet of humans and animals and has led to several industry-sponsored and collaborative projects with health and agricultural scientists in Africa, Fiji and Vanuatu. Projects examine regulation at different scales, from the molecular through whole plant physiology to landscape.

She serves on several national science advisory committees and is Past-President of the Australian Society of Plant Scientists. In 2010 Ros was awarded the Faculty of Science Prize for excellence and collaboration. She pioneered the use of multimedia and blended learning in the teaching of Biology in Australia, winning several awards including the 2008 Faculty of Science award for excellence in teaching.