BIO3990 & GEN3990- Biology & Genetics in Action Research project

General Unit Information

BIO3990 & GEN3990 are laboratory based research projects which have a prerequisite of at least a Distinction grade average in four 2nd level units with at least two of these units related to the field of study. This research in action (RIA) unit runs in both first and second semester. It cannot be taken overseas or by distance education. Enrolment must be done manually and student needs to have approval of project and supervisor before they can enrol. You can consult the honours project web pages to look at potential supervisors and their research areas. Having identified a supervisor you should contact them directly to discuss undertaking a research project with them. Students are assessed by oral presentations and written reports. Further information on available projects, supervision and enrolment procedures can be obtained by emailing:


Scientific progress in biology and genetics results only from high quality and well executed research. The goal of BIO3990 & GEN3990 is to provide our students with the opportunity to apply all that they have learnt during their undergraduate studies - from conceptual knowledge, to skills in experimental design and analysis - to their own individual research projects. Under the supervision of a school-based academic, students will design and then implement a hypothesis-based research project that takes place in the laboratory or the field, and then analyse and present their results in both written & oral formats.

Students who have successfully enrolled in this unit will have an information session on Monday in Week 1, 9:00AM.


On completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Comprehend the fundamental process and requirements of scientific research;
  2. Review and critically evaluate the scientific literature within a relevant discipline;
  3. Demonstrate skills in experimental design, data collection and statistical analysis;
  4. Interpret experimental results, and place the results in the broader context of the research discipline;
  5. Communicate scientific findings and their implications, via oral presentations and written reports.

Specific Unit Information

Unit Coordinator
NameDr Matt McGee
Office HoursBy appointment - please email
Technical Coordinator
NameMr Brenton Marshall
Program for 2022
Handbook EntriesBIO3990 - Synopsis, Assessment & Prerequisites
 GEN3990 - Synopsis, Assessment & Prerequisites
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