BIO1042 - Life in the Environment

General Unit Information

Students in Jock Marshall reserveStudent Measuring water in Jock Marshall reservestudents at dam in Jock Marshall reserve

BIO1042 (Life in the Environment) is ideal for students interested in learning more about ecology and environmental science.  Changes to, and the degradation of our environment are common concerns and the subject of considerable media attention. Environmental Biology covers the biosphere and environmental conditions, the adaptations of organisms to environmental stresses such as drought, salinity and fire, and the organization of plants and animals in aquatic, marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

This unit also covers environmental genetics, the important role of microbes in the geochemical cycling of elements and the evolution of the Australia's unique biota.  Human impacts on the environment, and the effective and responsible management of biological resources are also included in BIO1042.

As with other first year Biology units, BIO1042 is structured to encourage self-paced learning, with considerable feedback on written work and other assessment tasks.


On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity, evolutionary concepts and processes, aspects of the evolution of the Australian biota, the nature of biogeochemical cycles, and human impacts on the biosphere;
  2. Formulate hypotheses, collect experimental data and demonstrate proficiency in interpreting your own results;
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in communicating biological results through a range of formats (written, oral, multimedia);
  4. Self-evaluate and reflect upon the development of teamwork and communication skills;
  5. Apply practical techniques and tools to conduct an investigation in the laboratory, field or virtual environment;
  6. Work and learn independently and collaboratively while exercising personal, professional and social responsibility that recognises the importance of practising science sustainably, ethically and safely in society.

Specific Unit Information

Unit Coordinator
NamesDr Thomas Hiscox
Office location23Rnf/G07
Senior Teaching Staff
NamesDr Kelly Merrin
Office location 23Rnf/G03
Technical Coordinator
Emily Skoda
Christopher Wilson
Office locationEmily - 18 Innovation Walk (Building 17), Room 140
Chris - 23 Rainforest Walk (Building 22), Room G06
PrescribedBiology: How Life Works, Morris, J. 2016, 2nd Edition, Macmillan Education
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