ENS5310 - Securing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

General Unit Information

This unit examines the ways in which multiple forms of global change interact to drive the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Solutions for securing biodiversity and ecosystem services and ensuring the protection and sustainable use of renewable resources are discussed.

The unit uses relevant policies and management approaches by which biodiversity and ecosystems are governed, to evaluate the scientific evidence base underpinning these, and to identify gaps and future solutions. Example topics covered include integrated land-use planning, area- and species-based conservation strategies, biosecurity, and the development of sustainable harvest systems.

Students will develop their understanding of the concepts and the skills needed for translating and integrating scientific evidence into decision-making for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. To enhance this understanding students will collaborate with peers and experts to develop their capacity to use biological knowledge and evidence in professional planning, management and conservation.


On completion of this unit students will:

  1. Articulate fundamental scientific knowledge of biodiversity and ecosystem services to a multidisciplinary audience.
  2. Critically analyse contemporary topics and debates in biodiversity and ecosystem science and demonstrate a practical understanding of the state of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  3. Identify and use appropriate strategies and tools for planning, management and conservation.
  4. Interpret and assess the validity and implications of biodiversity and ecosystem assessment and reporting.
  5. Apply effective communication skills to collaborate across academia, government and non-governmental and corporate organisations and negotiate diverse perspectives on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Specific Unit Information

Dr Reid Tingley

Names Dr Reid Tingley
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