GEN3051 - Medical and Forensic Genetics

General Unit Information

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The study of genetics and its applications to medicine and forensic biology including genetic disorders, genetic screening, multifactorial disorders, host pathogen interactions and forensic application of genetics. The impact and ethics of recent genetic advances on both the individual and society will be discussed.  Practical sessions will involve approaches to identify the genetic basis of disease, genetic testing and risk analysis, and forensic genetics.


On completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Explain the application of modern genetic techniques such as gene mapping, genome-wide association studies and individual genome-sequencing to: i) the characterization , diagnosis and treatment of simple and complex human diseases; and ii) the identification of individuals and relationships between individuals by forensic genetics;
  2. Describe how variations in the DNA sequence of a gene can result in changes in gene function that ultimately lead to disease symptoms and explain how improved understanding of this molecular pathology can aid in the treatment of disease, and illustrate the value of model organisms in investigating the molecular pathology of human diseases;
  3. Appraise ethical issues affecting both the individual and society raised by advances in human genetics;
  4. Demonstrate high-level skills in data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation, and apply these in written scientific reports and oral presentations;
  5. Apply advanced problem-solving skills to issues of medical and forensic genetics;
  6. Critically evaluate and summarise new discoveries from the scientific literature in medical and forensic genetics.

Specific Unit Information

NamesDr Rob Bryson-Richardson (Clayton Campus) Prof Sadequr Rahman (Monash University Malaysia)
Office location18Inn (Bld 17) - Rm 309 Rm No. 2-5-36 (Bld 2, Level 5, Room 36)
Office hoursBy appointment - please e-mail 
Technical coordinators
NamesChrista Meek
Office location18Inn (Bld 17) - Rm 337 
PrescribedGenetics in Medicine, Nussbaum, R.L., McInnes, R.R. and Willard, H.F. /Thompson and Thompson, 8th Edition Saunders Elsevier, 2007 
RecommendedHuman Molecular Genetics, Strachan, T. and Read, A.P. , 3rd Edition, Garland Science 2004
Human Evolutionary Genetics, Jobling MA Hurles ME and Tyler-Smith C., Garland Science 2004 
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