GEN5010-Advanced genetics and biotechnology

General Unit Information

This unit will explore the latest approaches and techniques for the genetic manipulation of organisms and their applications in contemporary biotechnology. Students will gain hands on experience in advanced molecular genetic techniques used to study and manipulate gene function and for generating a range of different transgenic organisms, including microbes, plants and animals.

The application of these techniques in biotechnology will be demonstrated using a range of examples such as: bioremediation, bioprospecting, crop modification, disease modelling, gene drives, phage therapy, nanotechnology and assisted reproduction. Students will also gain appreciation of relevant ethical and regulatory considerations and of impacts of genetic biotechnology on society.


On completion of this unit students will:

  1. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of contemporary areas of molecular genetics and biotechnology, and the challenges faced;
  2. Illustrate and explain how transgenic organisms are produced via genome manipulation across a range of species;
  3. Source, synthesise and critically analyse literature to form the basis of a project;
  4. Independently design and implement experimental approaches to solve a research problem in genetics and biotechnology;
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in molecular genetics laboratory techniques, in problem-solving and experimental design, and in data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation;
  6. Convey to a non-specialist audience the relevance and value of genetics and biotechnology to human society.

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Specific Unit Information

Name Associate Professor Sureshkumar Balasubramanian
Office Location 18 Innovation Walk (Bld17) - Rm 217
Office Hours By appointment - please e-mail
Technical Coordinator
NameNga Dang-Lien
Office Location18 Innovation Walk (Bld17) - Rm 337
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