BIO2060 - Analytical Methods in Biology

General Unit Information

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Biologists address a wide variety of topics but we all use a similar method.  We use observations and experiments to generate data and statistical analysis to draw conclusions from these measurements.  This unit provides a foundation for biology students in the design and analysis of observations and experiments.  Students will learn how to design rigorous sampling protocols and robust experiments to generate high quality data along with the principle methods of statistical analysis (through which we turn data into knowledge). The ability to critique the methods used in biological studies, make inferences from biological data and optimize experimental approaches will benefit students taking a wide range of research and project based units, as well as interpreting and evaluating studies from the scientific literature.


On completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Construct, test and evaluate scientific hypotheses in biology;
  2. Identify and optimize sampling programs and experiments for answering biological questions;
  3. Critically evaluate biological research projects and assign priority to biological findings;
  4. Identify the most appropriate analysis for a biological dataset;
  5. Make biological inferences from analyses presented in the primary literature.

Specific Unit Information

Names Dr. Joslin Moore
Office location  53/124
Office hours By appointment - please e-mail
Technical coordinator
Names Emily Skoda
Office location 18/114
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