BIO3082 - Global Change Biology

General Unit Information


This unit investigates how plants and animals respond to their environment. The unit covers a range of biomes including oceans, freshwaters and terrestrial ecosystems and considers the major environmental stresses caused by global change in these systems and how the biota acclimate and adapt to such stresses.


On completion of this unit, students will:

  1. Describe the basic processes governing the ways in which organisms respond to their environment, from alterations in patterns of gene expression, through differences in metabolic activities to changes in morphology;
  2. Explain the mechanisms by which biota cope with specific stresses in their environments, including drought, salinisation, extreme temperatures and global climate change;
  3. Demonstrate a critical, analytical approach to scientific research and have developed skills in writing scientific reports.

Specific Unit Information

Names Dr. Chris Greening
Office location 18/120
Office hours By appointment - please e-mail
Phone 990 51592
Technical coordinator
Names Emily Skoda
Office location 18/114
Phone 990 24630
There is no prescribed or recommended textbooks for this unit, but students will be advised of relevant primary literature as they progress through the unit.
Program for 2015
Handbook Entry BIO3082- Synopsis, Assessment & Prerequisites
Schedule BIO3082 - Lecture & Practical Schedule for 2017
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