Monash Isotopia Facility

Led by Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow, Professor Peter Cawood, and supported by an initiative of the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment and the Faculty of Science to strengthen research and teaching in geochemistry on a World Class level, the laboratories are part of the set-up for the new research initiative;

“Pulse of the Earth”

This new multi-million dollar facility will provide high precision element and isotope analyses of a wide range of geo-materials to the School, the greater Monash family and the global community. Equipped with two multi-collector and two quadrupole mass spectrometers, coupled with two laser ablation systems, research in our new facility will range from environmental sciences over high-precision geochronology to the evolution of global reservoirs through time, from the mineral to the planetary scale.

This facility permits routine measurements of major and trace elements in a wide range of materials from inorganic laboratory solutions to geological samples to surface and ground water samples. The two laser ablation systems allow solid samples of a range of materials to be analysed directly in-situ for their trace element composition via ICP-MS. Samples can either be prepared by us or be submitted ready for analysis.