Structure and Dynamics of the Crust

Structural Geology

Monash University has the largest Structural geology group in Australia. The group focuses on a broad range of activities from applied structural controls of mineral systems; experimental structural geology; regional terrane architecture; orogenic processes, basin systems, microstructural analysis, crustal scale shear zones, and glaciology.

Structural Geophysics

We focus on the research niche between structural geology and geophysical analysis. We have a diversity of research interests that span geological mapping, tectonic analysis, potential field interpretation, forward and inverse modelling methodology, and geological uncertainty and geodiversity 3D modelling.  We are primarily focused on understanding crustal architecture at all scales.

We apply our diverse range of research skills to a broad spectrum of important geological problems from the modern and ancient Earth.Our diverse projects include mapping ancient terranes of the Australian continent, Proterozoic plate reconstructions, tectonic evolution of the West African Craton, tectonic and geodynamic evolution of Eastern Gondwana, volcano substrate geometry, evolution of the Red Sea, and dynamics of congested subduction in New Zealand.

Some of our more thematic research includes developing methods to improve effectiveness of geophysical inversion and 3D modelling techniques, as well as mineral system analysis for a variety of ore deposit types.Our goal is to create a community of geoscientists that are excellent at both geology and geophysics so they can address questions of relevance and importance in the geological community.  We engage industry and strive to create future science leaders in academia and in the wider geological community.