Monash Particle Physics Group

The Monash Particle Physics group focuses its research on the theoretical, phenomenological and experimental aspects of high energy particle physics and particle cosmology.

The research agenda of the group covers a large span of topics, from the theoretical study of high-energy particle collisions and the cosmological study of the history of the Universe, to our involvement in particle physics experiments such as COMET and LHCb. To find out more about the research performed by the Monash Particle Physics Group, visit the Research page. And to browse the publications from members of the group, visit the Publications page.


The Monash Particle Physics group includes a considerable number of researchers, including several faculty members, postdoctoral research staff as well as a large number of postgraduate and honours students. Visit the People page to meet the researchers in the group. To follow the group and keep up with the events, follow the Twitter feed.

If you are interested in joining the Monash Particle Physics group, as a student or researcher, please visit the Opportunities page, where you can find a list of resources on how to apply to join the group.