Making the transition to university study

Starting a university degree can be overwhelming for anyone. A new environment, a different style of learning, and making new friends can often feel scary and intimidating. But your child doesn't have to feel alone. There is help available.

Adjusting to university life

  • The Adjusting to university life website provides support for all students, helping them to adjust to university life and study.
  • It offers advice on teaching and learning styles, university life, procedures, practices and university culture.


  • Orientation is held at the commencement of each semester and is compulsory for new on-campus students.
  • It includes a series of academic and fun social activities to help students settle into university life and celebrate the beginning of the academic year.
  • Activities include Campus Welcomes, faculty orientation programs, workshops, library tours and opportunities to meet lecturers, tutors and other students. It is also an opportunity to get to know Monash and your classmates with tours, host scheme or peer mentor activities, barbecues, club days, entertainment and parties.

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