Monash Guarantee ATARs

Every Monash undergraduate degree has a Monash Guarantee ATAR, which is lower than the expected selection rank for that course.

For most courses, if you meet the eligibility criteria, achieve the Monash Guarantee ATAR listed below and complete all course prerequisites, you will be eligible for a place at Monash.

For some courses, a range of criteria [RC] is used for selection in addition to your ATAR, such as an audition or folio. You are guaranteed a place if you are successful in the additional selection criteria. Health courses may also have restrictions due to clinical placements. We have reserved some places for Monash Guarantee students who would not otherwise been offered a place, and have the strongest results across the range of criteria.

The Monash Guarantee does not apply to the Law Pathways, which require an achieved ATAR of 90+.

The Monash Guarantee does not apply to Scholars programs.

Entry to the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine is based on a range of criteria. We have reserved some places for students eligible for the Monash Guarantee who would not otherwise have been offered a placed and have the strongest results across the range of criteria.

Please browse through the courses below to view the respective Monash Guarantee ATAR:

Course Monash Guarantee ATAR

Art, Design and Architecture

Architectural Design 75
Design 70
Fine Art – Art History and Curating 75
Fine Art – Fine Art 70 [RC]
Fine Art – Visual Arts (only as part of a double degree) 75 [RC]
Architectural Design/Engineering 86
Design/Business 75
Design/Engineering 86
Design/Information Technology 75
Design/Media Communication 75
Fine Art/Arts 75
Fine Art/Business 75
Fine Art/Education 75 [RC]
Fine Art/Information Technology 75

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Arts 75
Global Studies 85
Media Communication 70
Music 70 [RC]
Arts/Commerce 86
Arts/Education 75 [RC]
Arts/Engineering 86
Arts/Fine Art 75
Arts/Information Technology75
Arts/Law 94
Arts/Music 75 [RC]
Arts/Science 75
Global Studies/Commerce 86
Global Studies/Law 94
Global Studies/Science 85
Media Communication/Business 75
Media Communication/Design 75
Music/Arts 75 [RC]
Music/Commerce 86 [RC]
Music/Education 75 [RC]
Music/Law 94 [RC]
Music/Science 75 [RC]
Politics, Philosophy and Economics85 [RC]


Actuarial Science86
Actuarial Science/Commerce86
Banking and Finance 75
Banking and Finance/Business75
Business 75
Business Administration 70
Business/Arts 75
Business/Accounting 75
Business/Banking and Finance 75
Business/International Business 75
Business/Marketing 75
Business/Design 75
Business/Education 75 [RC]
Business/Fine Art 75
Business/Information Technology 75
Business/Media Communication 75
Commerce/Actuarial Science86
Commerce/Arts 86
Commerce/Biomedical Science 88
Commerce/Computer Science 88
Commerce/Engineering 86
Commerce/Information Technology 86
Commerce/Law 94
Commerce/Music 86 [RC]
Commerce/Science 86
International Business75
International Business/Arts75
International Business/Business75


Early Years and Primary Education 70 [RC]
Primary and Secondary Education70 [RC]
Primary and Secondary Health and Physical Education70 [RC]
Primary and Secondary Inclusive Education70 [RC]
Primary Education70 [RC]
Primary Education/Arts 75 [RC]
Primary Education/Business 75 [RC]
Primary Education/Music 75 [RC]
Primary Education/Science 75 [RC]
Primary Education/Visual Arts75 [RC]
Secondary Education/Arts75 [RC]
Secondary Education/Business75 [RC]
Secondary Education/Music75 [RC]
Secondary Education/Science75 [RC]
Secondary Education/Visual Arts75 [RC]
Secondary Health and Physical Education70 [RC]


Engineering - Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer Systems, Environmental, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Resources, Software 86
Engineering/Architectural Design 86
Engineering/Arts 86
Engineering/Biomedical Science 88
Engineering/Commerce 86
Engineering/Computer Science 88
Engineering/Design 86
Engineering/Information Technology 86
Engineering/Laws 94
Engineering/Pharmaceutical Science 86
Engineering/Science 86

Information Technology

Computer Science 75
Computer Science Advanced 90
Information Technology 75
Computer Science/Commerce 88
Computer Science/Engineering 88
Computer Science/Science 75
Information Technology/Arts 75
Information Technology/Business 75
Information Technology/Commerce 86
Information Technology/Design 75
Information Technology/Engineering 86
Information Technology/Fine Art 75
Information Technology/Science 75


Laws 94
Laws/Arts 94
Laws/Biomedical Science 94
Laws/Computer Science94
Laws/Commerce 94
Laws/Engineering 94
Laws/Global Studies 94
Laws/Information Technology94
Laws/Music 94 [RC]
Laws/Science 94

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Biomedical Science 85
Health Sciences  70
Nursing 70
Nursing and Midwifery 80
Nutrition Science 70
Occupational Therapy 78
Physiotherapy 93
Psychology 75
Public Health70
Radiation Sciences75
Radiation Sciences (Informatics)75
Radiography and Medical Imaging 93
Biomedical Science/Commerce 88
Biomedical Science/Engineering 88
Biomedical Science/Law 94
Biomedical Science/Science 85


Pharmacy 84
Pharmaceutical Science 75
Pharmaceutical Science Advanced 84
Pharmaceutical Science/Engineering 86


Applied Data Science75
Applied Data Science Advanced90
Science 75
Science Advanced – Global Challenges 85 [RC]
Science Advanced – Research 90
Science/Arts 75
Science/Biomedical Science 85
Science/Commerce 86
Science/Computer Science 75
Science/Education 75 [RC]
Science/Engineering 86
Science/Global Studies 85
Science/Information Technology 75
Science/Law 94
Science/Music 75 [RC]