Monash Scholars Program: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for 2022-2024 Cohort

Successful applicants (and their parents) will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined below in order to accept their place in the Monash Scholars Program.

Please read the information below carefully, prior to accepting your place in the program. For any questions, please contact prior to accepting your place.

The Terms and conditions cover the following five topics:

  • Monash University duty of care
  • Student profile creation in Operoo
  • Consent for the capture of still and moving images
  • Monash Scholar's program social media guidelines
  • Consent for obtaining your VTAC ID when in Year 12

Monash University duty of care

At all Monash Scholars events, supervision will be provided by Monash University staff, as well as university student ambassadors. All staff and university ambassadors hold a current Working With Children Check.

All staff, Monash students, visitors and guests to any Monash campus will be required to provide proof of having received 2 or more doses of recognised Covid-19 Vaccine or be able to provide proof of medical exemption. Any student accepting a place in the 2022-2024 Monash Scholars program will also be required to provide proof of vaccination to attend any in-person Scholars events.

The latest advice for Monash, including face mask requirements and density quotients, is reflected in the COVID-19 updates web page.

In the event of an emergency we will contact the parent/guardian of the affected Scholar/s, as per their Operoo profile details (see below for more information about Operoo).  If contact details change, please update your Operoo profile ASAP.

Student Profile Creation in Operoo

To ensure we are compliant with the Victorian Government’s Child Safe Standards, the Monash Scholars Program incorporates use of an online system called Operoo. Operoo allows all Scholars to have a profile with us containing their emergency information, with a designated parent/guardian able to update their profile as changes occur.

How is an Operoo profile set up?
As part of your program acceptance, we will ask you to submit a designated parent/guardian’s contact details. Once you have completed your acceptance, we will send an activation email to your parent/guardian via Operoo, with instructions for them to create a profile. If you already use Operoo at school, your nominated Parent/Guardian can simply share your existing profile with us. (Please note they do not need to do anything until they receive their activation email from us.) They can expect to receive the activation email after 21 June and should aim to complete your profile by no later than 1 July in order for you to be able to attend upcoming events.

Once your student profile is created, your parent/guardian will receive notifications from time to time asking for permissions, information or to update your profile.  It is advised that they also download the Operoo app for ease of use.

How do we use Operoo to support the operations of the Scholars Program?
We will only use Operoo within the Scholars Program for the following reasons: for event permissions, to communicate directly with parents, or in the event of an emergency.  Should you not wish to disclose any personal information the profile asks you for, simply input ‘N/A’ to move on to the next field. For more information about how we use Operoo and the privacy of your data, please visit this webpage.

Please note that in order to participate in the Monash Scholars Program, the creation of a current and active profile in Operoo is a mandatory requirement.

Consent for still and moving images

I (Monash Scholar) consent to Monash University or any person acting on behalf of Monash University: to take photographs, film, or other pictorial and audio recordings of me in any medium (Material) from June 2022 – December 2024 inclusive at any Monash University campus or location and to use, reproduce, publish, communicate, enhance, modify, adapt, or broadcast the Material (or any part of the Material) in any form (including in a CD/DVD, website, publication, poster, presentation) for advertising, marketing, informational or promotional purposes and/or teaching and research purposes.  I (Monash Scholar) acknowledge that Monash University owns copyright of the Material.

Monash Scholars Program social media guidelines

All Scholars are invited to join a 'Private' Facebook group for their cohort upon admission into the program.  The Facebook group is designed to support engagement with Monash University and other participants in the program.  Participation is not mandatory and Scholars who choose not to opt-in will still receive formal notifications and invitations to program events via email.

All members of this Facebook group are governed by the Monash University Student Social Media Policy and will be subject to Facebook's terms and conditions, including the Facebook Privacy Policy.  The group is managed by the Monash Scholar's team, who reserve the right to remove any content seen as irrelevant or inflammatory. Any inappropriate behaviour by group members may lead to further action and possible termination and removal from the group as well as the Monash Scholars program.

VTAC ID Submission

Monash Scholars are required to submit their VTAC ID to Monash University in Year 12.  This information will be held in confidence and be used to report on Scholars’ admission to Monash University once the program concludes.

Welcome Events

In 2022, we will provide an online Welcome webinar to successful applicants. This will be held from 2pm-3pm on Monday 27 June. Scholars will receive more information if they are successfully admitted into the program.