Thea Parnamae Rural Pharmacy Scholarship

Thea Parnamae Rural Pharmacy Scholarship

Achieving Potential Support Scholarship

The Thea Pärnamäe Rural Pharmacy Scholarship was introduced to support female students to undertake an undergraduate degree.

It is named in honour of Thea Pärnamäe, a pharmacist in Sweden who was born in rural Estonia in January 1927 fled to Sweden in 1944 as a refugee of World War II. Upon completion of her secondary school studies in Sweden, Thea elected to enrol in pharmacy college because she considered a career as a pharmacist to be promising both in terms of personal and societal benefits. Thea was proud of being identified as a dedicated pharmacist and did prove to reap the benefits of her career as expected. Thea died in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2010.


2 Aug - 8 Oct 2021

Total scholarship value

Up to $12,000

Number offered


Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) and Master of Pharmacy


Being a scholarship recipient for excellence has boosted my confidence as I study towards being a hospital pharmacist. I no longer need to sacrifice study time to work, and am in better condition to focus on my studies. Knowing that I’m backed by others through this scholarship is my motivation to do well and thrive in my course.

Am I eligible?

You must be one of the following:

  • An Australian citizen

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Current female student enrolled full-time in the Bachelor of Pharmacy in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at a Monash campus in Australia
  • Permanent residence that is more than 50 km from the Melbourne CBD

Note: Past recipients of the Thea Pärnamäe Rural Pharmacy Scholarship are not eligible to apply


  • $3000 per annum for the duration of the degree to a maximum of four years.

Number offered

  • One scholarship is available and will be offered consecutively.

Selection criteria

  • Based on need.

To retain this scholarship:

Must maintain full-time enrolment and a pass grade average 50 WAM.

How to apply

  • Cannot be deferred.
  • Current Monash students, applications are open 17 January - 4 March (2pm) 2022 apply directly to Monash.

Every scholarship may have a different application process – or none at all. Read the application details carefully and submit your application by the deadline. For more details, visit our scholarships application page.

Apply direct to Monash