Indigenous student applications

Monash University is committed to advancing the education and career aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We have a range of admissions entry points for Indigenous applicants designed to address the under-representation of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Australian universities.

Monash Indigenous Entry Scheme

This scheme provides an entry point for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants into a range of courses with an achieved ATAR of 50+ (higher for some courses).


  • Eligible for admission into a range of Monash courses with a lower ATAR
  • No special classes, extra requirements or time added to your course
  • Graduate with the same degree as all other Monash students
  • Comprehensive support programs delivered by the University through the William Cooper Institute
  • Eligible for internal transfer into other Monash courses including Law and Engineering, subject to transfer requirements.


To be eligible for admission you must:

  • be an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • achieve a minimum ATAR or equivalent of 50 (60 for Bachelor of Radiation Science, 65 for Bachelor of Architectural Design, 65 for Bachelor of Art History and Curating)
  • satisfy all prerequisites as listed in the VTAC guide.
  • submit a supplementary information form.

This is a guide only. Please refer to the VTAC course entries for the full list of prerequisite requirements.

Course VTAC CodeATAR





    Units 3 & 4 Units 1 & 2
(or 3 & 4)
Units 3 & 4 Units 3 & 4
Architectural Design/Architecture 2800211591 65 Y    
Art History and Curating 2800211671 65 Y    
Arts 2800311291 50 Y    
Business 2800211301 50 Y   Y  
Business Administration 2800711421 50 Y Y   
Design 2800211521 50 Y    
Education 2800311311 70* Y Y   
Fine Art 2800211531 50 Y    
Health Sciences 2800211511 50 Y    
Information Technology 2800311331 50 Y Y   
Nursing 2800311341 50 Y Y   
Occupational Therapy 2800711351 50 Y    
Paramedicine 2800711481 50 Y   Y  
Public Health 2800211491 50 Y   Y  
Radiation Sciences 2800311501 60 Y   Y  
Science 2800311361 50 Y    Y

*Minimum ATAR inclusive of any SEAS bonuses applied

How to apply

Apply via VTAC for the appropriate course:

  • Architectural Design/Architecture (Indigenous Entry)
  • Art History and Curating (Indigenous Entry)
  • Arts (Indigenous Entry)
  • Business (Indigenous Entry)
  • Business Administration (Indigenous Entry)
  • Education (Indigenous Entry)
  • Fine Art (Indigenous Entry)
  • Health Sciences (Indigenous Entry)
  • Information Technology (Indigenous Entry)
  • Nursing (Indigenous Entry)
  • Occupational Therapy (Indigenous Entry)
  • Paramedicine (Indigenous Entry)
  • Public Health (Indigenous Entry)
  • Radiation Sciences (Indigenous Entry)
  • Science (Indigenous Entry)

You must also submit a supplementary information form.

Contact William Cooper Institute if you have questions about your application.

Indigenous pathway programs

If you did not meet the entry requirements for direct entry through VTAC, you can apply for one of our specialised and pathway programs.

The Monash Indigenous Access Program (MIAP) and the Indigenous Non-Award Pathway (INAP) are designed to support you to start your studies at university. The programs help develop skills that enable you to succeed in a university environment.

MIAP is a full-time fee sponsored program which is Abstudy approved. INAP is a part-time fee sponsored pathway program.

For more information about these opportunities and for information on how to apply, see the Monash Indigenous Access Program (MIAP) and Indigenous Non-Award Pathway (INAP) website.

Support, benefits and scholarships

Why choose Monash? Monash University offer a range of supports and opportunities to facilitate your success that are coordinated by the William Cooper Institute. The William Cooper Institute offers individualised and responsive support and advice from expression of interest through to graduation.

On top of being eligible for a range of specific scholarships all undergraduate students at Monash are eligible to receive a support package valued at up to $36,000 for a three year degree. This support includes:

  • one-on-one and group academic tutoring
  • supply of your prescribed textbooks
  • access to mentoring and paid internship opportunities
  • a lifestyle program including a free Monash Sport gym membership.

Indigenous students at Monash are eligible to apply for a range of scholarships.

Further information

Contact the William Cooper Institute for more information on the above programs, or for any information on how to apply to Monash University as an Indigenous student. Find out more about Pathways for Indigenous students.