What is the difference between the Monash Guarantee and SEAS?

In simple terms, the Monash Guarantee promises entry at a lower ATAR, while the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) adjusts your ATAR. All Victorian universities use SEAS, while the Monash Guarantee is only applicable to Monash University. Operating both schemes ensures we can help as many students as possible.

Depending on your situation and background, you could be eligible for one, the other, or both. You do not have to choose between them – just ensure you have submitted a SEAS application and Monash will apply the scheme that provides you with the best outcome.

In both cases, you must still meet any other course requirements. These could include subject prerequisites (eg. minimum study scores in particular subjects) or a range of criteria [RC] such as an audition, interview, UCAT or folio.

Will my SEAS-adjusted ATAR be used for the Monash Guarantee?

No. The Monash Guarantee provides guaranteed entry based on your achieved ATAR – the original ATAR you receive when results are released, before any SEAS adjustment is added.

Do I have to put my Monash Guarantee course as my first preference?

You should always put the course that you most want to study as your first preference. If a Monash Guarantee course is on your preference list but not first, you will only receive an offer for it if you do not get offered a place for a course higher on your list.

How do I know if I live in a low socio-economic area?

You can find out if your address qualifies. Eligibility is according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas.

Do I still have to meet the course entry requirements additional to the ATAR if I am eligible for the Monash Guarantee?

Yes, in order to be eligible for a course offer through the Monash Guarantee you must still meet all the course entry requirements additional to the ATAR. These could include prerequisite subjects (eg. minimum study scores in particular subjects) or a range of criteria [RC] such as an audition, interview, UCAT or folio.

What is an achieved ATAR?

Your achieved ATAR is the ATAR you receive before any SEAS additional points are added. This is the ATAR you are sent when results are released. Your eligibility for the Monash Guarantee is based on your achieved ATAR.

Which campus can I study at if I enter via the Monash Guarantee?

The Monash Guarantee ATAR applies to every campus on which the course is taught. Find out where the courses you’re interested in are taught.

What if I don't meet the Monash Guarantee ATAR?

You can still be considered for selection through the normal selection process and SEAS.

How will my ATAR be adjusted by SEAS, and how is this determined?

Your circumstances are considered individually and adjustments will be made based on the information you provide in your SEAS application. Monash will use your adjusted ATAR when making offers for course entry.

You will not be advised of what your SEAS adjusted ATAR is. Our SEAS calculator helps you estimate this. But remember, this is just an estimate.

What if I faced other disadvantages that are not listed as part of the Monash Guarantee eligibility criteria?

The Monash Guarantee applies to students who are financially disadvantaged, are an Indigenous Australian, live in a low socioeconomic area or are from a Monash under-represented school. If you have faced other disadvantages during your studies, you can apply to be considered for entry through the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS).

How do I know if I come from a Monash-listed under-represented school?

Monash has identified schools from all over Australia that are under-represented in higher education. If you attend one of these under-represented schools and achieve the required ATAR, other course requirements and eligibility requirements, you’ll be eligible for the Monash Guarantee.

How do I know if I am considered to be financially disadvantaged?

If you or your family have a low income you may be considered financially disadvantaged. This can be demonstrated in any of the following ways:

  • You receive an income-tested Centrelink benefit (eg. Youth Allowance, Abstudy or income-tested Health Care Card)
  • Your parents/guardians receive an income-tested Centrelink benefit (eg. Family Tax Benefit A)
  • You and/or your family are facing financial hardship or excessive financial obligations but not receiving a Centrelink benefit (eg. living on a farm suffering from drought or floods).

Whatever your situation, you must provide evidence as part of your SEAS and scholarship applications.

How does the Monash Guarantee work for the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine?

Entry to this course is based on a combination of ATAR, UCAT and interview. You cannot be guaranteed an offer for this course. We have reserved some places for Monash Guarantee students who would not otherwise have been offered a place, and have the strongest results across the range of criteria.