Communications and Media Studies

The Communications and Media Studies program explores what it means to live in an age of powerful media and cultural institutions, multiplying digital and mobile technologies, and everyday media and cultural practices.

We are focussed on creating critically informed graduates who can make sense of how changes in communication impact the ways people live, work and play.

This is achieved by examining how media and communications shape the world in which we all live, and the role we can all play in changing this world for the better through our media practices, decisions and experiences.

Teaching Program

Almost every major social, cultural, political and economic issue of our age flows through communications and media.

This reality means the Communications and Media Studies program at Monash educates it students as: (i) citizens whose public and personal lives are experienced through media and structured by media interactions and practices (e.g. social networking, mobile media, digital communications, live streaming); (ii) professionals whose current and future experience of work, across a wide range of industries, relies significantly on media-based forms of expression, creativity and communication, and; (iii) critically aware consumers who exist in a world where large-scale media industries and global technology companies influence how resources, opportunities and information are accessed.

By focusing on contemporary issues and debates, we aim to prepare the citizen-professional-consumer of the future to understand how media and communications shape the world and their active role in this process

International opportunities

Communications and Media Studies has robust and growing relationships and partnerships with other leading universities providing annual opportunities for international student exchanges and intensive Arts electives at our Monash Prato Centre, in Italy.  Higher Degree by Research students may undertake study trips and participate in international communications and media studies conferences.

For more information about student exchange and other study abroad opportunities, including short term programs, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, see: Arts Learning Abroad.


Undergraduate studies

Monash Media Lab

Monash Media, Film and Journalism students have a professional media environment right on campus - the Monash Media Lab, a facility consisting of:

  • two radio and sound production studios with a control-room/audio production and teaching suites;
  • an open-plan newsroom;
  • editing suites;
  • a broadcast TV and video production studio;
  • a TV control room; and
  • two teaching laboratories


Communications and media are central to cultural, political and economic life in globalised modern societies. Our research critically engages with the challenges and possibilities for change generated by this reality. It speaks to the technologies, markets, politics and everyday practices that are creating the world in which we all live. Researchers are engaged in a series of internationally-focussed projects aimed at changing the conceptual and policy models around communications and media, and broadening understanding of why they matter in a networked, mobile age.


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